Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tanyard Creek Photo Shoot

Its getting close to Father's Day and my Dad has asked for a new mousepad. Not just any mousepad though. One with updated pictures of our kids. He has one that I gave him last year, but Zane & Zander weren't even walking, so their looks have changed a lot.

About a week ago, I got the kids all cutesied up and we headed to Tanyard Creek to take pictures. Got out of the car, walked to the creek, Philip started to take the 1st picture and...........(any guesses as to what happened next?) If you guessed that there was no memory card in the camera you are correct!!! pictures were taken that day, but the kids did enjoy splashing around in the water.

Yesterday we did Take 2 at Tanyard Creek (and made sure the memory card was in the camera before we left home)!

As we were crossing over the bridge to get to the creek, the kids all looked out across the water.....
and saw this....

After admiring God's beautiful creations, we got down to the photo-taking business.

Eli and Emma Kate are usually always easy subjects, so not much explanation is needed for their pictures.

Zander did good as long as he was BESIDE the water....

But when we put him IN the water, he wasn't too crazy about that...

Zane didn't cooperate with ANY of it. Not beside the water. Not in the water. Nothing.
This is as good as we could get.

When we had Zander out in the water, we had Eli & EK get out there with him so that he wouldn't fall.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad! Hope you enjoy your new mousepad!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This chair was given to us as a gift, from my grandparents, when Eli was born. I know its a bit outdated, but it sits and glides SO very comfortably that I just haven't parted with it.
I have always rocked my babies in that chair. In fact, Zane and Zander call it the "rock-a-baby." They will frequently say "wanna rock-a-baby." Which means they want me to hold them in that specific chair and rock them. So sweet!

Earlier today, I was back in my bedroom and I heard Zander saying, "Help....Help rock-a-baby."
I went to the living room where that loud voice of his was coming from and I found this.... "Uh-oh Zander," I said, "What happened?"
To which he replies, "Rock-a-baby fall down."

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, so instead of helping him up immediately, I snapped a few pics for memory sake!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Night Girls Night

Daddy and Eli went to a sleepover at a friends house last night, so after Zane and Zander went to bed, me and EK had a girls night. She got to pick what we did.

First, we made cupcakes with her cupcake kit. Doesn't that icing look scrumptious?Mouth watering, I know.

Then, we watched a DVR'ed "19 Kids and Counting" and gave ourselves manis and pedis.
EK chose lime green for her toes....
and a pinkish for her nails.

The last big event for the night was getting to sleep in the bed with me. She was so excited that it took her a VERY long time to fall asleep. Once she did though, she made herself quite comfy....

Sweet Dreams my Emmy Kate.
I'm so thankful you enjoyed our girl time. I hope there are many more fun mommy/daughters memories ahead!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Good to Bad and back to Good

The title of this post explains my day today. Everything was going good/normal for us. The boys and I took EK to gym at 8:00. We then went to a nearby trail. I put the little boys in the double jogger and Eli had his scooter. I jogged, pushing the stroller, for about 20 minutes. Most of the trail was still shaded at 8:00am, so it was really nice. (other than the part where I was pushing approx. 100lbs: 60 of boys, and maybe 40 for the double jogger??)

After that we headed to Target to make a needed purchase and then went back home. A little while later, we went back to gym to get EK, came home, had lunch, had nap/rest/quiet time and then got ready for the next part of our day. The 4:00-7:00pm witching hours.

Before I go on about the BAD part of the day, I do want to mention some cute/funny sayings that I overheard from the little boys.

  • At the 4:00 snacktime, I introduced them to one of my fave pantry staples: PEANUT BUTTER! I put a thin layer on saltines and fed to them. I started with 5 crackers and when those were gone I asked them if they would like more peanut butter crackers. Zane said, "more pee-pee butter."

  • After snack, they were playing in the living room floor and Zander had some loud gas. Zane said, "Scuse you Zander."

  • Then, we were in the car heading to ISR and Zander was trying to get my attention. He said "yoo-hoo Mommy. he-hoo Mommy."

So now for the BAD. It started at ISR. Zane has been doing really well until the last 2 days. Yesterday he cried A LOT and today was just a full out blood curdling scream. He goes first, so as I was getting his swim diaper and shorts on, I hear Zander say "HELP." I look over and Zander has gotten in the hot tub. Clothes, shoes and all. It wasn't hot and he wasn't in any danger, he just needed help getting out. So that part was actually funny.

At this point, Zane knows its his turn and he starts kicking and screaming. He runs to a corner where he thinks I can't get him. I can though. I literally drag him to Mrs. Courtney, the swim teacher. He SCREAMS the entire 10 minute lesson and then continues to cry while Zander does his lesson.

After Zander finished, I only had a diaper to put on him (remember that the clothes he wore are now soaking wet from the hot tub experience), so I wrap a towel over him and carry him out to the car. This made Zane fit-throwin' mad. He wanted to be carried too, but I just couldn't do it. Eli and EK both tried to help by offering to carry him but he refused. When we got outside into the parking lot, I told Zane he had to hold my hand and he refused. I told either of the big kids to pick him up and carry him to the car. He flung and girated his body out as best a 2yr old can, making it impossible for them to be able to pick him up. I am definitely starting to lose my cool at this point. I told EK to just let go of him. When she did, he continued with the fit rampage and sprawled himself out flat down in the parking lot. Ughhhhhh. What to do? I'm holding a diaper clad no-shoe wearing hefty toddler in my arms. If I put him down on the hot pavement, his feet will burn. Because I have the heavy towel wrapped around him, Eli nor EK would be able to hold him. Yet, I have another toddler sprawled out in the parking lot where he IS. NOT. BUDGING. AND. IS. STILL. IN. FULL. FIT-THROWING. MODE.

I tell Eli to stand on one side of Zane and EK to stand on the other side so as to "barricade" him in, should a car come barreling through the parking lot. I quick-as-I-can run to the car and get Zander buckled in.(making sure not to buckle any of that exposed bare skin. I've done that to one of them before and it not only hurts them but STABS momma in the heart). Then, I go back to sprawled-out-in-the-parking-lot-fit-throwing-child. Pick him up and he completely stops his fit and his crying. Well, this ticks me off even more so I proceed to tell him what a bad boy he is. Wrong move. That makes him mad and fit starts again. Get him buckled in the car seat. Big kids get in car, I get in and think to myself that if this wasn't a dry county, I might just turn into one of THOSE moms who totes her kids along to the nearest liquor store. :-)