Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

We're ending our 2nd Snow Day this week, (although our teachers did email work for the kids to do today), and we've already received the email that we're out of school tomorrow also. Basically that sentence should read: I've been in the house since Monday afternoon and haven't gotten out. Looks to be another repeat tomorrow. So I've got a lot to say.

Since I have no adult interaction other than the 2-3hrs that Philip is home before he goes to bed, I'm just going to write down the random thoughts that are going through my head.

  1. Mollie is much better today. Walking, sitting and sometimes laying like normal. She really likes the chicken flavored baby food (which is what the vet recommended we feed her this week)
  2. Speaking of Mollie and baby food. You know what baby food looks like when it comes out of a babies behind? Well, FYI, it looks pretty much the same when it comes out of a dogs behind.
  3. Since the kids and I have been snowed in for 2 days, I haven't gotten out of my pajamas. Still got the same ones on that I put on when I went to bed Monday night. I bet Philip just loves to see me in the same clothes when he gets home at night as I was in when he left early that morning. Maybe tomorrow I'll go all out and change. Probably into different pajamas.
  4. I went to Walmart Monday night and stocked up on some groceries. I wanted to get eggs but there wasn't a single egg to be found. Now, 2 days later, we are running low on eggs, butter and orange juice. Those things won't make me venture out tomorrow though. We can just do without.
  5. I discovered tonight that its really hard to bake cookies, cook dinner, and assist in trips to the potty all at the same time. Turns out I cannot successfully do all three. Cookies came out okay, but the onions that I was sauteing burnt and some of what was supposed to end up in the potty ended up on the floor. (use your imagination here)
  6. Final thought...I have been a Verizon customer since before it was Verizon. Way back when I got my first "bag" car phone (circa 1995), I was on Alltel. Been with Alltel ever since and now with Verizon after the buyout. I have really no complaints with Verizon except that I've been yearning for an iPhone. Most of last year, I debated if I was going to renew my contract with Verizon or switch over to AT&T so I could get an iPhone. I was plum giddy when I heard in December that a Verizon iPhone was in the works. And now I'm even more excited to say that.......the time has come!!! Tomorrow morning at 2am, Verizon customers who have "signed up" can order their iPhone online on a first come first serve basis. So yes, I will be setting my alarm and waking up a little before 2am in the morning to order my phone. All good things come to those who wait!


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