Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lego Table

Sometimes reading & following other blogs can get me into trouble. So many of the well known bloggers out there are either: kitchen gourmets, bargain hunters, or crafty. And I am none of those three. I like to cook but am no gourmet. I love a good bargain but will not spend hours hunting one down. And crafts. Oh crafts. I would love to be a crafty girl, but honestly, I can barely use my hot glue gun that was bought for $1 at the Dollar Tree. And I certainly can't even sew on a button.
So when I'm reading some of these blogs, I see their amazing recipes, awesome bargains, or totally cute craftiness and I wish to be like them. Thankfully for me, I do have a husband that is pretty good with tools (no doubt because of his amazingly handy father). So occasionally when I see a craft that I know he could do, I get excited.

The latest such project was a DIY Lego Table that I saw at The Idea Room.

Eli loves to play with Legos, but they were taking over my breakfast area and dining room table and computer desk. I'd find creations or little pieces everywhere. I thought this souded like a great idea to have a place to play with them.
We didn't want to spend much money on the table, so I searched and searched on Craigslist for a cheapo. Never found one that seemed quite right.
I finally found this one at a furniture outlet. It had a small crack in it, so it was fairly reasonably priced. Now, if you've read about the table at The Idea Room, you know that she suggests having a "lip" around the table. Well the one we found did not have a lip, but that handy husband of mine said "no problem." He made a lip and stained it to match pretty darn perfectly to the original table color.

Next, we ordered these baseplates from Lego. Again, I tried to go cheap, checking for these on Ebay, but no luck.

After the baseplates came in, Philip got busy gluing them to the table. He even used little Lego men to help hold them together!

After all the baseplates were glued on, he used some big thick books as well as clamps to hold them down while they dried...

The table was finished and brought up to Eli's room. He immediately got busy scattering pieces out all over the table.

And then he went to creating masterpieces....
like this:

Star Wars Battle of Endor...
and this:

Atlantis Underwater Exploration Station....

I'm so pleased with how the table turned out. Philip did a great job! And Eli has already spent several hours during our snowed-in week at home upstairs in his room at his Lego table!
So glad God gave me a husband who can pick up the slack in some of my non-gifted areas!


  1. Very cool! Did it start out as a coffee table?

  2. HI!
    I took my boys to the Lego store today and was observing all the little table like stands with the lego base plates on them, and too, got the same idea.
    Your story is so special and the song is lovely!!!!
    The words are so meaningful and everyone should cherish the hobbies, and toys that their kids adore and enjoy.
    The time goes by so fast. Trish