Monday, September 27, 2010

Potty Brush

I bought the boys an Elmo potty several months ago. I had no intentions of starting the potty training process, but rather just got it so the "newness" of it would be worn off for when I do actually decide its time for the training to begin.

So for now, the potty is useful for nothing except for holding things like this..... Not sure the 5 second rule is applicable though....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Senses

After school today, I found this crumpled up piece of paper laying behind the trash can in one of the bathrooms.... I decided to open it up to see what it was before throwing it away. It appeared to be a sheet about the 5 Senses that Emma Kate had probably done at school that day. The paper had 5 sections (one for each sense).
The sections said:
  • "I can see..."
  • "I can hear...."
  • "I can touch..."
  • "I can taste...."
  • "I can smell...."

Then, there was a blank area in each section for her to write in something that she could do with each of those senses.

Her answers were:

  • I can see Cale (this is a friend in her class)
  • I can hear wind
  • I can touch beside me
  • I can taste brick (not sure what that one means?)

and the best for last...

  • I can smell toot & poop
Isn't that classic?
I'm just SO very thankful she didn't get TOO specific and name whose toot & poop she smells. Unless of course she had said Daddy. Then it would've been pretty funny!

MDO Picture Day

Today is picture day at Mother's Day Out. Here are the boys before leaving for "school" this morning.... Lunchbox....check
Cute outfits....check
I have no doubt that the pictures will turn out great because my talented photographer friend Mindy is taking the pictures! Hooray! No cheesy backgrounds or props!
Check back in a month or so....I'll do a blog post when we get the pictures back!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I feel like this picture should be a
"What's Wrong with this Picture?"

Let's see...could it be that:

  • its about 95 degrees outside and Zane has on fleece footed pajamas? (just for the record. He WANTED to put these on. Cried and threw a fit to have them on.)
  • Zane is holding a baby doll?
  • or that Zander has on girls shorts? (also for the record, let me just say that his shorts were wet. We were only going outside to play and they were the quickest thing I could find. Yes, they are Emma Kate's. Yes they are a size 4. Yes they fit her and him both. Yes he is 2years old.)

Just in case you need a closeup of these fashionistas:

That's one of those times that I eat crow. You know back in the day when I said, "I'd never let my kid do that...."