Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Z's Lingo

Back in October, I made a list of 10 words/sayings that the Z's say that I wanted to remember.

Well, I've come up with some more. So for memory sake, here they are:
  • "not hearing to me" This is what they say (especially Zander) when they are talking to Eli or Daddy and they are not getting answered. Example: "Daddy, you not hearing to me?" Which means "you're not hearing me" or "you're not listening to me."

  • "belly bunt" This is what they call their belly buttons. And they frequently like to show them seen below.
  • "tawg" This is what they call a guitar. They both have Wiggles guitars and they will say "I playing with my tawg."

    • "jew-nanix" This is what they call gymnastics. Example: "We take Emmy Kate to jew-nanix."

    • "Chick-a-fay" This is what they call Chick-fil-a.

    • "cram-uh" This is camera. They have play cameras that they like to take in the car. So they'll say "I got my cram-uh for the car."

    • "hell-kah-ter-ter" One that I may remember forever...helicopter. They love to see a "hell-kah-ter-ter" flying in the sky.

    • "bine-hine" This is behind. Example: "That car is bine-hine us."

    • "bebe Geeeeeee-zuz" This is mostly Zane and he says it everytime we pass the nativity that is set up in a yard down the street. It looks a lot like this...
    • "dah-yers" This is dollars. And they say this is why Philip goes to work. "Daddy go to work and get more dah-yers."
    • "scuse me up." When they are sitting in a chair and they need to be scooted up, they say "scuse me up please."