Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick sick sick

Our house has never been as sick as we were this week. It was absolutely awful. All 6 of us fell victim. It started in the early morning hours on Tuesday. Through the monitor, I heard, "Momma, I make a mess." I went up to Zane & Zander's room and found that Zane had gotten sick all in his bed. This story goes downhill from there. For the next 5 days at least 1 of us, but usually 2 at a time, have been sick.
Here's sweet Zaney on Day 1. We had non-stop TV-a-thon because he just felt too bad to do anything else. Notice towels under and over him for when the sickness hits him.
Zander was next, but I don't have any pictures of that because Zane was still also sick and quite honestly I just couldn't take care of 2 sick 2yr olds and take pictures also. I have never known the level of awful that this was.

2 days after Zane's began (and 1 day after Zander's), it hit the big kids. They were so pitiful. I've never seen them so lethargic and lifeless. Here is the extent of what they did all day long.... laid with washcloths covering their face and buckets beside them for when it struck. It hit Zane & EK the hardest, but probably EK more than anyone. That seems to happen to her anytime we are sharing a virus. I wonder if that's because her body is so lean?

The day after Zander was so sick, I tried giving him some jello-ice (similar to jello water. I read about it online and thought we'd give it a try. Note to self: get a different color other than red. Its not pretty on the carpet.)

I got it on day 4 and Philip on day 5.
This picture was on day 5. I still wasn't feeling great so we were laying low. Still on the couch and watching TV. Honestly I don't recall even feeling well enough to smile. I bet I was faking in this picture.
Several sweet friends helped out by bringing things over. We didn't leave the house the entire 5 days (well Philip did until he got sick on Day 5). Sonic crushed ice, jello, Sprite, chicken noodle soup. Thank God for good friends who kept us supplied!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Splash Park

The kids and I went to the Splash Park this morning. As always, Eli loves the big buckets that pour out gallons of water....

He also loves it when the water shoots up from the ground....

Emma Kate contemplated the big buckets for a while....

and then screamed like a girl when they dumped on her....

Zander carried this bucket around the whole time. Filling it up with water, then pouring the water out.

At one point, he also contemplated the big water dropping buckets. But he decided to stay away.
Zane stayed next to me most of the time. He did venture out with Zander for a little bit.

But then this happened. Look closely and you will see a teeny amount of water spraying up from the ground. Zane was traumatized.

and MAD.

So he spent the rest of our time there, standing beside the fence. Just waiting for me to say, "time to go."